Our Commitment to Accessibility

This Accessibility Statement applies to: Stevens Creek Hyundai

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The Stevens Creek Hyundai Commitment

Stevens Creek Hyundai is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. In furtherance of that goal, the Stevens Creek Hyundai website is regularly monitored and tested by software developers and by AudioEye®, a third-party provider of Web Accessibility testing and monitoring. As issues of accessibility are identified, those issues are evaluated and remediated where possible. Likewise, as new solutions are discovered to improve the user experience, they are implemented to improve the website user experience.

Here to Help

Despite our efforts to ensure accessibility of the Website, there may be some limitations. In particular, our website is constantly changing and being updated with new product and features. As such, although we continually monitor the site for accessibility issues, it is possible that some pages or sections on this website have Human mistakes, for a variety of reasons, or that the appropriate technological solution has not yet been found. If you encounter such an issue, please let us know so that we can address it with our accessibility vendor and development team. We are dedicated to keep improving the accessibility features and interface of our product.

If you have any issues with the Stevens Creek Hyundai website, please contact us by utilizing the button below and we’ll be glad to assist you! If you are unable to access the button, you can email us at [email protected]

Third-Party Websites

Stevens Creek Hyundai’s website contains links to webpages hosted by third parties. These sites, which are not controlled by Stevens Creek Hyundai, may present challenges for individuals with disabilities that we are not able to control or remedy.

As made publicly available, here are the Accessibility Policies provided from a few of these third-party sites:

Stevens Creek Hyundai 37.3235093, -121.9801972.